Annual National Forum on Water Security 2016: Adaptation to Hazards Related to Climate Change

Malaysian Capacity Development Network for Sustainable Water Management (MyCDNet) – the Malaysian chapter of Cap-Net UNDP will host its annual national water forum on 23rd and 24th November 2016 with the theme “Water Security: Adaptation to Hazards Related to Climate Change”.

This is in response to increasingly compelling evidence that due to climate change, the frequency and intensity of water-related hazards and their impacts in Malaysia are generally rising:- severe floods, prolonged dry spells, widespread water pollution, frequent water shortages, rising cases of heatstroke and water-borne diseases, and peat fires – with dire consequences to
human lives, the economy and the environment.

The aim is to ensure that the Malaysian population becomes resilient to water-related hazards including floods, droughts and pollution. Therefore, this forum will serve as a starting platform for all stakeholders to contribute ideas and share information to begin shaping a secure water future for the country.

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