MyCDNet National Forum 2019


MyCDNet National Forum 2019

Water for Sustainable Development: What’s Next

9 – 10 July 2019 | Research Management & Innovation Complex, University Malaya



The Malaysian Capacity Development Network for Sustainable Water Management (MyCDNet) is pleased to announce the Biennial National Forum on “Water for Sustainable Development: What’s Next”, a theme chosen to reflect that water is for everyone, even when faced with the gravity of climate change looming in the country.

There will be four main Sub-themes of two papers each for discussions:


Sub-theme 1: Climate Change Actions: Water Security for a Low Carbon Economy

This First Sub-theme sets the tone and direction for a meaningful discourse on the concept of a low carbon economy that is largely not fully understood by the general public that is often challenged to participate in and respond to climate change action programmes. It is more so in terms of how it is related to water sustainability and security for economic development in tandem with increasing emphasis on renewable energy use after the Paris Agreement in 2015 and the recent COP24 (2018) meetings. The discussions will be strategic actions on how to transition to a low carbon economy to reduce barriers under “more use with less water” concepts that lessen the impacts of water vulnerability, scarcity and flooding; and improve water use efficiency in all economic sectors, be it in agriculture or production processes.


Sub-theme 2: Building Resilience: Water-wise Solutions

For the Second Sub-theme, there is a need to reflect on the vital role of water-wise solutions presently adopted to strengthen the resilience of social, cultural, economic and environmental systems in the country. The important staging point is: what more can we do in future under unpredictable climatic conditions and unprecedented man-made landuse changes. The discourse will highlight on any water-wise solutions that have already been adopted and found to work well as well as solutions that will be introduced in future when new ideas, technology and innovations move forward in the development of water resources and water supply sectors.


Sub-theme 3: Sustainable Cities: Smart Water Management for Community Well-Being

Water is fundamental to life and smart water management is a pre-requisite for sustainable development. To highlight these, the Third Sub-theme has chosen to emphasize on ways to sustain urban areas and cities for all community well-being, since more than 70% of the population in Malaysia reside in urban areas, which often pose significant challenges in effective and sustainable water management.


Sub-theme 4: Malaysia Achievements of Water-related SDG’s

Malaysia has transformed itself progressively from an agro-based economy to manufacturing and now towards a digital economy, focusing on high technology. This rapid growth is attributed on its ability to exploit the natural resource base and in the process, has compromised the environment and its water resources. Considering the trend in global and national development, the Malaysian government has initiated at the New York Summit 2015, to undertake a sustainable development approach, through ratification of the water related SDGs, especially SDG-6, which relates to clean water and sanitation as well as targets to ensuring water security for our future generations. The discourse will be on how much progress has been achieved over the years and what more can be done across the public-private sector in the Malaysian context; with sharing some global successful case studies of projects that can be replicated in Malaysia.



The Biennial Forum is open to all Members, policy-makers and technical practitioners, the general public, and the academé, who are interested in following the international thinking and trends in national developmental policies and practices.



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